Month & YearDiscription exposition & assignment
Planned: December 2016D3, Photo-exhibition, Douanehuisje Maassluis
Planned: November 2016Poldergeest, Groupsexhibition WTC Galery, Rotterdam
Planned: September 2016
Salon van alle tijden, 25 Year StichtingKunstWerkt
2016Exhibitions around the Netherland, price artcongres UWV
March 2016
Exhibition Geuzenpenning Vlaardingen
apr-16Leve de laatste fase” Groupsexhibition, StichtingKunstwerkt Schiedam
December 2015-January 2016Five weeks Artist in Recidence Rutten, ID11
May-June 2015Me, Myself and !, Groupsexhibition, StichtingKunstwerkt
March-May 2015Solo exhibition, museum Nagele
January 2015Groups-exhibition Galery Pand Paulus, Schiedam
dec-14Kunstkerst, Pandpaulus, Schiedam
sep-14Bredaphoto, “Songs of the heart”, Breda
May 2014Exhibition en Artist Talk “uit je tentje”, Rutten
September 2013-January 2015Developing themes AIR Rutten and in December working period in Rutten
aug-14Artist in Recidence Rutten, ID11
Summer 2014Summer exhibition Gemeentemuseum Den Haag, two works
March 2012Zomerexpo, first round
July 2011first price photocontest, theme winter Liskwartier
sep-10Shaken Fall, Macon, Belgie,
2010Photoserie the proud of the harvest
October/December 2009ID 11, Artist in Residence in Delft, with two presentations of work in a flat to be demolished (;theme: "a legend of my travels"
June 2009Organisation of Arts route 'Hidden Gardens' Rotterdam
sep-08Bram Roza festival, Zeeland, objects in the wind
July/August 2008ID 11, Artist in Residence in Delft, with two presentations of work in a flat to be demolished (;theme: "genetic manipulation"
Spring 2008Gateways to Friesland, landmark design contest
November/December 2007On the window sill (2)
-November: hands and feet (drawings)
-December: 10 days Khiva (drawings, silk screen paintings) Schoonoord studio’s, Rotterdam
okt-07"Big Bos", Veluwe. Land Art.
July 2007Chair Art commission 'De Meeuw' Foundation (art works selection new building)
July 2007-July 2008Member reflection group "Greenhouse Beautiful"
LTO-North (
March 2006-April 2007Orphanage of the arts, Noord-Holland
Sculptural work in public space
March-April 2006Transience 2 "Desert - Sown",
Galerie De Sigarenfabriek, Delft
July-August 2005On the window sill (1), Object, without title
Schoonoord studio’s, Rotterdam
May 2005Assignment conceptual design roundabout Etten Leur
May 2005- June 2006Assignment conceptual design art application Heukelum
nov-04Transience (1) Photo’s en felt
Galerie De Sigarenfabriek, Delft
October 2004Design and implementation playgrounds Hof van Delft
March 2004Assignment conceptual design market place Etten Leur
December 2003-February 2004"Earth, Clay, Loam, Stone, Sand"
Galerie De Sigarenfabriek, Delft
sep-03Design and implementation of school playgrounds (Kober Group, West-Brabant)
Summer 2003Contest "A design for places left over after planning", Atelier HSL
June 2002"Fresh Blood", sculpture route Oerolfestival Terschelling
nov-01Graduation students Willem de Kooning Academy of Fine Arts, De Oplichterij, Rotterdam
Summer 2000Bacchus and Venus, Galerie De Sigarenfabriek, Delft
Summer 1999"Veel Werk", silk screen paintings, Delft
February 1989Silk screen paintings on textile, Galerie Ultra, Naaldwijk