I’m used to working outdoors. The start of making an object is a sketch, mostly made on location.


The material used is always dependent on the object. Sometimes work is done in traditional sculptural materials such as steel, ceramics and wood. But many ideas are also realised in etches, silk screen paintings, video’s and photo’s.

Starting from the sketch, I’m looking for a basic form, an image language that remains once all non-essentials fall away. In some cases the object is replaced in the original location, in other cases in a different place where it evokes a certain alienation.

My aim is that the observer of the object, takes a different, a more intense look at its surroundings, or even gets a different experience. Object and surroundings are inseparably linked. Essentially the observer need not recognise the object but gives it his own interpretation.


At the moment I’m working from sketches I made during the last few years on location. These are travel impressions, mostly from walks through the Sahara desert.
I wanted to record where I were, where I came from, and where I was heading.
I’m now elaborating these sketches, three-dimensional, situated in public space.